REM-FIT Exclusive South West Stockist

Ron Campion Furnishers are proud to announce that we have been appointed exclusive
REM-Fit stockists for the South West

REM-Fit Sleep and Recovery Technology
REM-Fit is an active lifestyle bedding brand with a focus on active, healthy lifestyles and restorative sleep. Originally launched in America in 2014, the REM-Fit brand has been so successful that they decided to bring it to the UK. With three product ranges; REST, ENERGISE and MOTIVATE Collections, you can be sure that they have covered all bases when it comes to getting the best sleep possible. REM-Fit is a team of dedicated individuals who believe in a restful night’s sleep. We all know that sleep is often put to the wayside in our busy lives. However, we really should be paying more attention to the activity we spend one-third of our life doing. Being fitness enthusiasts, we know how important rest and recovery are to any training routine, which is why they developed the first Total Sleep Recovery product line to help you meet your fitness goals!

REM-Fit 60 Night Trial


REM-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress


REM-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress

Featuring a unique combination of exceptional comfort and advanced sleep technology, the REM-Fit Sleep 400 mattress gives you the power to take control of your sleep, enhance your performance and intensify your recovery.

Hybrid Cooling Gel Mattress

  • 6 layers of engineered comfort to enhance sleep recovery – non-turn mattress
  • Active cooling gel regulates temperature
  • Mediflex memory foam provides pressure relieving upper and lower back support
  • Pocket springs provide a perfectly balanced tension
  • Unique edge-to-edge support
  • Core base layer for a solid foundation
  • RE-AX fabric – Hypoallergenic sleep environment

Intelligent Sleep Monitoring

  • Discover your sleep trends and get on a better routine
  • REM-Fit monitors how long and how well you sleep and then syncs those stats with your smartphone, displaying your trends as detailed charts in the REM-Fit Sleep app.
  • Monitors heart rate, respiratory rate and motion
  • 30 day rechargeable battery life
  • Non-wearable sleep monitoring

60 Night Trial

  • 60-Night trial in your home – in partnership with the British Heart Foundation
  • 100% Full refund – no catches
  • 100% Of our returned mattresses are donated to the British Heart Foundation

Next Day Delivery

  • Next day delivery to UK free as standard (with exceptions)
  • Orders must be placed before 1pm
  • Delivery will be made the following working day
  • Saturday delivery available – optional extra

REM-Fit – Outstanding Innovation

REM-Fit Sleep Monitor


“If you can measure it you can improve it, REM-Fit makes it possible” …. Sammy Margo Sleep Expert | Chartered Physiotherapist

The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor uses highly accurate sensors to give you an in depth analysis of the quality of your sleep – without the need to wear a device. A discreetly thin strap is placed across the mattress, underneath the bed sheet, to track your data and provide a comprehensive insight into your recovery. The strap is barely noticeable once fitted to the mattress and eliminates the need to sleep on a live wire due to its extra-long rechargeable battery life.
REM-Fit Sleep Monitor

  • Heart Rate – Accurately monitors heart rate. This data is then recorded in the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor App
  • Respiratory Rate – Monitors quality of breathing and will alert you to any potential irregularities in REM-Fit Sleep Monitor App
  • Motion – Records your body’s motion during sleep to determine the quality of your rest, it will even know if you’ve left the bed

  • 30 Day Battery – Extra long-lasting battery life. Runs from battery power, eliminating the need to sleep on a live wire. USB 3 prong plug charger included
  • On Going Support & Advice – We’ve teamed up with Sammy Margo, a recognised sleep expert and qualified chartered physiotherapist who has featured both on TV and radio to share her expertise and advice on the subject of sleep and recovery. Click here to see Sammy in action with the Rem-Fit sleep system



REM-Fit Sleep Monitor - Android / IOS App


Your score is based on the length and quality of your sleep, taking into account data from your heart rate, respiratory rate and motion, which is recorded in the REM-Fit Sleep App.

REM-Fit Sleep Monitor - Android / IOS App


Individual graphs for your sleep data are recorded in the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor App, allowing you to get a detailed look at the improvement of your recovery over time.

REM-Fit Sleep Monitor - Android / IOS App


As the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor App accumulates data, it displays statistics on your sleep trends, allowing you to make adjustments to enhance your recovery.

The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor App shows you all of your sleep data from the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor device.

The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor App shows you all of your sleep data from the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor device.


The Rem-Fit Sleep Monitor will give you detailed information. Giving you the sleeper, the knowledge and the incentive to improve your sleep.

When properly placed on your mattress, the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor is incredibly accurate. In our tests it is nearly as accurate (98-100% as accurate) as medical grade heart and respiratory monitors.

While the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor is incredibly accurate, it is not a medical device. Any information provided by the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor app should be considered as ‘informational’ and not used to make medical decisions. Many users have used the data from their REM-Fit Sleep Monitor to share with medical professionals, but any decisions on your health and wellbeing should be made with a medical professional.

There are four stages of sleep. Deep Sleep, medium sleep, light sleep and awake. The REM-fit sleep monitor will measure the percentage of each stage during your nights sleep.

The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor is compatible with iPhones running iOS 8.1 or later and Android phones running version 4.3 (with BLE) or better.

For more information on the range of REM-Fit products either pop into our showroom or call on 01803 882341

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Southwest Home & Garden Show 2017

Southwest Home & Garden Show

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th April 2017

The Southwest Home & Garden Show is the regions leading home and garden events which specialises brings together the best of the regions interiors, garden, renewables, self build and lifestyle products and services all under one roof for public and trade visitors.

Taking place in the heart of the Southwest at Westpoint Exeter, the two-day show brings together specialist suppliers promoting and selling a wide variety of excellent quality products, services and inspirational ideas for the home and garden.

The Homeware & Interiors market give you with the opportunity to discover unique items to buy at the show. We know you cannot walk away from with a new kitchen or bedroom in hand, but you can certainly purchase the items that go within them.

The Quality Food and Drink Market is a great place to explore and discover tantalising flavours so you can make sure your larder is topped up with the best of what region has to offer.

For further information visit the Southwest Home & Garden Show 2017 Website

January Furniture Show NEC 2016

January Furniture Show NEC 2016

With the 2016 January Furniture Show comes an all-new experience as this year’s visitors can expect to see the NEC, Birmingham as it’s never been seen before.

Thanks to a new £150 million leisure and entertainment destination onsite and a significant investment to Birmingham New Street, the new facilities are set to enhance the exhibitor and visitor experience for the 2016 show (24-27 January).

Resorts World Birmingham – the first of its kind in Europe – is set to bring life to the NEC campus with a host of major retailers, 18 bars and restaurants and an 11-screen Cineworld. Guests looking to stay overnight can enjoy the four star Genting Hotel, the first to open in Europe, and the lakeside complex also hosts the Genting International Casino.

This year has also seen the transformation of Birmingham New Street. With a glass atrium roof and a flagship John Lewis the new concourse is three and a half times bigger, providing more space for the 170,000 passengers who use the station every day.

Said Laraine Janes, co-director of the January Furniture Show: “The changes to the NEC campus plus the improvements at Birmingham New Street mirror the re-building of the January Furniture Show.  The investment shows the confidence in the future of the venue and results in a better experience for all attendees.”

For further information visit the January Furniture Show Website

A Teenager’s Bedroom

A teenager's bedroom - Bedroom solutions

Of all the creatures on this magnificent planet there is perhaps none more odd and difficult to understand than the human teenager. While plentiful in numbers, observing the teen in the wild is a near impossible undertaking, akin to climbing Everest or getting Rosie O’Donnell to shut up. A teen’s day is spent at a place of learning where a few brave adults risk their sanity in an attempt to impart wisdom on mostly deaf ears. It is here where the teen’s social structure is formed, each one looking for a pack to run with, looking for acceptance.

Upon returning home after a day of social jockeying and learning, the teen commonly barricades him or herself in their private quarters and is often not seen until they get hungry. It is not known what exactly takes place during this time. In many cases, loud music can be heard coming from the teen’s quarters, while other times lengthy telephone conversation – with other teens they just spent the entire day with – can be faintly heard.

The teen’s private quarters are their sanctuary from the outside world. It’s a place where they can escape the rigours of the aforementioned social jockeying and the prying questions of nosy parents. While it has yet to be scientifically proven, studies have shown that the furnishings surrounding the teen in their private quarters have a direct influence on their overall demeanour and success. While a teen’s room is often cluttered and messy, it is often not the intent of the teen, nor is it their fault. Shortages of storage areas and shelves can drive even the cleanliest of teens to have stacks of school books and clean clothing piled or strewn haphazardly around the floor.

There are a few solutions to this epidemic. Beds with under-bunk drawers and bookshelf headboards can add invaluable storage, while a compact corner desk is ideal for giving teens a place to store their books and school supplies, even if very little studying actually occurs.

Parents need only remember that a teen with an organised bedroom is, generally speaking, a happier teen, and is more prone to intermingling with the rest of the family. No guarantees, though!

Jay-Be Guest Bed Specialist

Jay-Be Folding Beds

Founded in Yorkshire with a passion for innovation and manufacturing, JAY-BE guest beds are proud to be British Made. With manufacturing roots dating back to 1879; the JAY-BE brand was first launched in the 1980’s and has since gained a reputation for creating innovative and desirable furniture. Over the years we have witnessed many changes to both our market and products but our core values remain the same. Reliability, Integrity and Innovation will always be at the heart of everything they do.

They believe that one of their main strengths is their passion for innovation and engineering excellence. They continually strive to create products which are unique and inventive but also incredibly functional.

For over 40 years JAY-BE have been passionate about Folding Guest Bed design and today they are proud to offer their widest choice ever so you can choose the perfect Folding Bed for your guests.

Ron Campion Celebrates 50 years

Ron Campion's store in the 1960's

Ron Campion, The Interiors Store, based in Brixham, is 50 years old this year but the store has hardly had time to celebrate, as it’s been as busy as ever. With the business growing well, it’s also been steadily refurbishing its showrooms and has done much to move the business online.

Ron Campion has been running the store for more than 30 years. His father started it with a small showroom [on the site it still occupies to this day] on July 9th 1965. Then it was called E. Campion (his father was called Elbert but was also known as Ron), later changing its name to E. Campion & Sons and now, after a rebrand earlier this year is known simply as Ron Campion, The Interiors Store.

Ron Campion's store in the 1960's

Ron Campion’s shop premises in the 1960’s

Ron Campion's delivery van in the 1960's

Ron Campion’s delivery van in the 1960’s

Ron started in the business straight from school in 1970, initially as a carpet fitter and delivery driver, before moving onto the ‘shop floor’ in 1975. Following the unexpected early death of his father later that year aged only 56 years, Ron took over the business, for a few years running it with his mother, and then for the past 35 years by himself.

The business was rebranded The Interiors Store to better reflect its expanded range of products, which now encompass most elements of furniture and furnishings – e.g. carpets, wood flooring, beds, bedroom furniture, dining furniture, upholstery (sofas and chairs) and, now bed linen, mirrors, pictures, lighting etc. Although the business has expanded laterally and vertically on its Bolton Street site, its available product range cannot all displayed. Hence the importance of its website on which are listed the full range of products available as well the facility to browse the relevant brochures from the store’s main suppliers.

Ron and his team encourage a customer to browse the website but then phone or visit the store so that they can be offered the appropriate product advice which will ensure they choose the item that best suits their needs.

Ron says, “we are often surprised by how many potential customers will go first to our site and then call us to discuss their requirements in more detail. With our many years of experience of this industry, we can pretty much answer most questions and pride ourselves on how many of these calls we then convert to actual paying customers. This type of service and trust is of particular value to someone who lives at a distance, perhaps is moving into the area, or has a holiday home here or is possibly purchasing on behalf of their elderly parents who live in the area. They are frequently surprised by what we can offer.”

Brixham and other parts of South Devon can be physically challenging – either because access for deliveries is awkward or it’s not easy for larger furniture items to negotiate difficult access within the properties themselves. Ron’s team will often visit a customer’s home to measure up to see what furniture will best fit and ensure delivery works efficiently. “We’ve seen plenty of examples of goods being bought online,” says Ron, “and then left on the garden path because the delivery guy can’t or won’t overcome any difficult obstacles.”

Ron Campion’s is the only major interiors store in Brixham. But with basically one main road in and one road out, the shop doesn’t get as much passing traffic as it normally would in other towns. Despite this, it successfully attracts customers from all over South Devon, which it does by focusing on providing value for money and an above average attention to customer service.

Ron says; “When its real value you’re looking for, we offer the very best product for you at a competitive price with efficient delivery and the best back up service available. We believe that increasingly, people like to buy locally, want to be sure it will be delivered when they are there and have someone to talk to after their purchase should there be any problems. They like to see a face behind a name and have trust in our knowledge and skill. Buying over the internet can sometimes be too impersonal. Customers want to be confident that something they have bought will actually provide them with what they need.”

That said, Ron is still very keen on exploiting the internet to its full off the back of the business’s excellent local reputation. Their new website was launched last month to allow customers to buy online. For the moment, the site offers mostly bed linen. As Ron explains, “we can’t easily fulfill the delivery of large items of furniture from the web to far flung parts of the UK but we can do so with such smaller items. We are treading along this path cautiously for the moment but we hope it will provide added value to current and new customers.

The fact that Ron and his team will go the extra mile is illustrated by a part of their business that is showing strong growth amongst the area’s more elderly demographic i.e. sales of the ‘lift and rise” chairs. Ron explains; “these chairs have for a long time been sold at ridiculously inflated prices often by high pressure salesmen. We’ve a large choice of such chairs at great prices, significantly less than £1,000, and can even custom fit them to a client’s specific needs. We sell chairs ranging in size from petite to large and will often arrange a home demonstration to which we will take along two or three alternative chairs so the customer can choose what’s right for them without even having to leave their own home.”

Despite being in the business for more than 40 years, Ron Campion’s enthusiasm and energy for it remains undiminished. “I have a few more years left in me.” His outlook for the business is matched by his confidence that, at long last, Brixham is also seeing the regeneration it deserves with new investment in the town, its restaurants and its shops. “I am determined that Ron Campion, The Interiors Store, will play its part in driving this forward.”

by Mark Simpson
Editor, ‘By the Dart’ Magazine